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The Sustainable Gambling Zone, previously known as the Consumer Protection Zone, is returning to iGB L!VE 2024 to host a range of regtech, safer gambling and KYC tools and technologies and showcase the latest research and strategy in this important area.

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What is the Sustainable Gambling Zone?

What is the Sustainable Gambling Zone?

Now an integral part of iGB L!VE, the Sustainable Gambling Zone has established itself as THE place to discover the latest innovations in safer gambling.

Why visit the Sustainable Gambling Zone at iGB L!VE? 

  • Regulatory restrictions are a reality and are not going away – make sure you’re proactively compliant with affordability requirements and stake/deposit caps 

  • Healthy play fosters a healthy (and therefore loyal) player base – implement tools to help operators and affiliates to achieve that  

  • Make your business attractive for possible acquisition as consolidation progresses – ensure that you’re compliant and are not at risk of being fined

  • Don’t risk being dropped from an affiliate programme – learn how marketing and advertising restrictions might affect you   

  • Network with other progressive affiliates who put the duty of care and sustainable play at the top of their agenda

  • Join a series of free-flowing and interactive informal discussions to learn from experts and brainstorm the most effective solutions to tackle key challenges in ensuring safer gambling – see agenda below

Why exhibit at Sustainable Gambling Zone at iGB L!VE?

  • Digital-first focus of the show makes it a natural place to demonstrate technology-driven solutions that are particularly applicable and impactful in the online gaming space  
  • The more targeted and smaller environment of iGB L!VE offers an opportunity to reach relevant audiences for more focused, product-centred conversations 

  • Many of the tier 2 and tier 3 operators, new entrants and operators from new/emerging markets who make up the core of the show’s audience are in need of safer gambling/KYC solutions to either prepare for the future restrictions that are likely to follow the trends from mature markets or to position themselves for acquisition (and therefore requiring a more compliant approach) 

  • The Dutch market is now a fully regulated market with over 20 operators operating with the license and further regulatory changes likely, pending the government’s research and consultations in the areas such as duty of care and stake limits – this is the prime market in search of solutions that will address the existing and upcoming safer gambling requirements.


Interested in getting involved? Contact us now.  

iGB L!VE will host 6 organisations, a mix of technology providers and non-profit organisations at its 6 easy, plug-in type pods. The Sustainable Gambling Zone will be the first thing visitors see entering the show past the registration area, making it clear that consumer protection is front and centre in the industry’s thinking.