11 -14 July 2023
Amsterdam RAI

iGB Live  

iGB Live! Conference

iGB Live! Conference

Take home the blueprints to success with our expert-led conference

Here you can find the 2022 conference agenda and check out the topics we will cover across the show in July this year. 


  1. 60 mins

    Before search engines, there was no search traffic, and the igaming sector has grown up with the first company to monetise and leverage its dominance of search activity into a market-leading position in online advertising, where it now commands close to 30% of digital ad spend and more than 85% of global searches. Hear direct from the industry head at the most influential company in gambling marketing today on:

    • How digital acceleration during the pandemic has shifted player habits and behaviour

    • The changing product mix vs. organic and the opportunities for brands, affiliates and content creators

    • The future of PPC – adapting to a world without keywords and third-party cookies

    • Impact of Google Play roll-out vs. mobile web and on growth/emerging markets

  1. 40 mins
    • Which marketing activities are forbidden – and still permitted – under the dot.nl advertising restrictions?

    • How to balance player protection and essential market needs

    • How to implement the required changes and adapt as soon as possible

    • What is currently going on in the Netherlands and Belgium - discussing the latest restrictions

    • What we can learn from best practice examples of navigating the ad bans and restrictions already in place in other regulated markets such as the UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Denmark?

  1. 40 mins
    • How the US is seeing user experience, product management and pricing come to the fore

    • The latest research into the US market - What we know so far about what works and what doesn’t

    • The impact of the state-by-state model and geolocation compliance on the US industry and players

    • How can operators benefit from the importance of mobile apps in the US?

    • As the market matures, what should operators focus on to keep the players engaged?

  1. 40 mins
    • As Ontario follows other jurisdictions in prohibiting advertising bonuses, what other promo tools can we use to retain players and attract new ones?
    • What bonusing restrictions exist in other markets and how they have been managed?

    • Thinking outside of the box - Devising your marketing strategy when your most effective bonusing tool isn't available

    • Lessons learned from Germany, Sweden and Lithuania

  1. 30 mins

    Grab your lunch and join us for this insightful discussion to understand how tribes’ commitment to their community rather than shareholders underpins the growth vision of tribal gaming and their approach to igaming and sports betting.

    Tribal casinos, responsible for more than half of US gaming revenue, hold the keys to market access in many of the North American states either already regulated or on the cusp, including California, Oklahoma or Arizona – this is your chance to shape your partnership strategy, critical for your entry into the US market.

  1. 30 mins
    • Google: which keywords are being invested in?

    • Facebook: which ad formats are brands employing, who stands out and why?

    • Which brands have made the biggest impact and why?

    • Which sports and teams are the most popular?

    • Do’s and don’ts of digital marketing

    • Which key strategies do brands use to ensure long-term, sustainable success?

  1. 40 mins
    • A market update: What is a fair level of limitation on online stakes? 

    • What do we know about the impact on the player experience of measures such as limited stakes on online slots at €1 and €2 respectively?

    • Is Germany setting a precedent for game development restrictions?

    • What have been the lessons learnt from this in the German market specifically?

    • Comparing Germany to other markets - what does a more nuanced approach look like?

    • What about other markets which are weighing the risk of this approach, such as the UK - what's the risk of pushing customers into the black market?

  1. 40 mins
    • Big M&A deals vs. continuing regulatory restrictions - where are the pockets of opportunity in a mature and challenging European markets? 

    • Crunching on profitability - when will investors demand ROI on the burgeoning US market? 

    • Is affiliate marketing in the US on the cusp of a boom - when will the market turn to ROI-driven acquisition? 

  1. 25 mins
    • The role of win2day as the only licensed operator in Austria

    • Key success factors for game development in regulated markets

    • Deep Dives on real-live examples: Rabcat´s Lion Strike and Time Treasure

  1. 40 mins
    • How to build a healthy community for online gaming

    • Comparing communities: video gaming, esports, poker and bingo

    • Toxic behaviour and malicious players - their effects on the game and the wider community and how these can be prevented and/or mitigated

  1. 40 mins
    • Why all affiliates must take responsibility for industry compliance with safer gambling and advertising standards

    • Tools and tips for achieving compliance across multiple markets

    • How affiliates can most effectively promote and support safer gambling user journeys

  1. 60 mins
  1. 30 mins
    • Former senior Search Quality Googler and SEO expert Kaspar Szymanski shares three real-life SEO disaster cases and lessons learnt

    • Answering your SEO questions

  1. 40 mins
    • A world without third-party cookies - in tandem with Apple's privacy changes, what does this mean for iGaming affiliates and operators?

    • How to successfully prepare for Google's third party phase-out

    • First-party data strategies: How to create, manage and update your own customer profiles directly using your own data

    • What does the future of online tracking look like?

  1. 40 mins
    • What are the most relevant social media marketing trends for the gaming industry?

    • How can you better understand your target audience through social media? 

    • Best practice for creating high-quality content

    • Tie up with social media influencers - how could this be a profitable deal for your igaming business

    • Examples: Successfully using social media platforms, such as TikTok, Twitter, META


  1. 240 mins

    There are few sectors more competitive in the SERPs than gaming and you need to do more than E-A-T your way to quality traffic. This interactive workshop will analyse changes in the SERPs, ranking for features and how to take advantage of Google’s May 2022 core update, enabling you to compete against the best marketers, significant budgets and specialist content teams and get the edge over your competitors by doing what they are not.

    Part 1: Exploiting the changing focus of SERPS through Google’s least-utilised features (approx. two hours)

    Sharing our research into the SERPS, we will lead a discussion covering: 

    • Google’s new features: From ‘People also ask’ to video carousels, uncover what is working and what is driving quality traffic
    • Where, when and why: How often do these features appear? And for what type of searches? 
    • Maximising your effort: How can you adapt your tactics to ensure your brand is ranking at the top of Google’s feature results
    • How utilising Google’s features will improve your SERPs overall

    Part 2: How to maximise efficiency (approx. two hours)

    For many experienced SEOs, business challenges are more intractable than technical issues. The processes of getting buy-in from superiors and working with other teams or other suppliers are often inefficient and result in sub-optimal results. We will discuss and share examples and frustrations in the following categories:

    • How to influence key stakeholders
    • How to develop and communicate a cast-iron business case
    • How to get the SEO team working more effectively with other teams
    • How to influence company culture so SEO is prioritised
    • Developing a collaborative culture and structure

    Come prepared with your questions. Learn from your peers.

    Location: F002, Amsterdam RAI

    Masterclass guide: Justin Deaville
    With 20+ years’ marketing experience, as MD of digital marketing agency Receptional, Justin has worked with many of the UK’s leading brands, including Aviva, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Sky Bet, the Financial Services Forum and the Foreign Office. He has a particular interest in SEO.

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  1. 240 mins

    Alongside analysing the states that require and offer affiliate licences, this workshop will demystify US licensure by walking you through a demonstration application process.

    The Masterclass will also explain to you the real costs, in time, effort and money, of becoming a US-licensed affiliate, including application fees, ongoing compliance requirements and taxation and renewal fees.

    Attendees will leave with an easy-to-understand guide and checklist of the personal and corporate documentation needed to apply for a licence in each US state.


    • Introduction (5 mins)
    • Beyond the gaming application - All the steps in the process (30 mins)
    • State breakdown - states requiring licensure, states where no licence is required (30 mins)
    • Drill down of state licences - (i) application; (ii) fee; (iii) duration; (iv) average expected time between submission and renewal; (v) which states require an operator agreement in place
    • Specific application walk-through
    • Baseline details needed to complete applications (30 mins)
    • Maintaining compliance following submission (30 mins)
    • Tax considerations (30 mins)
    • Tips (30 mins)
    • US subsidiary formation
    • OOC affiliate app


    Come prepared with your questions. Learn from your peers.

    Location: F002, Amsterdam RAI

    Masterclass guide: Eric Frank
    Eric Frank leads Odds On Compliance. As the former Group Compliance Officer for The Stars Group, Eric managed global compliance teams and served as the principal legal advisor for regulatory, licensing and compliance matters in the United States, Latin America and Asia. Eric also has over a decade of experience in private practice advising gaming clients and regulators - federal, state and international - drafting statutes and regulations and advising on policy.

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