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Why Speak

Trusted Partner

61% of all attendees visited the Pulse content theatre in 2023, making it the most visited part of iGB L!VE. As the only show that connects and celebrates the entire iGaming community, speakers benefit from Pulse’s association with and, two of the industry’s most trusted news partners.

Thought Leadership

In addition to the carefully curated lineup of speakers chosen by our editorial team, 67% of visitors to Pulse were at decision making level in 2023. Position yourself as a trusted leader in the industry, connecting, collaborating, and doing business with your peers whilst celebrating the original spirit of the iGaming industry.

Change the Industry

Celebrating diversity, bringing communities together, and demonstrating role models, iGB L!VE wants to showcase talent and make sure that all people from varying backgrounds are represented, as well as their experiences shared so that can build a iGaming industry that reflects all.  Content drives conversation and conversation drives change.

Become a Speaker

The world’s fastest growing iGaming event​, iGB L!VE brings together the industry’s leading experts to provide quality insights and in-depth analysis.

When creating your submission please consider the following:

  • iGB L!VE accepts both individual speaker applications and full content proposals. Please use the below form for both. 
  • Information must be delivered in a strictly educational, non-commercial, and vendor-neutral manner. Submissions that are commercial or soliciting of business will be rejected.
  • iGB L!VE is committed to showcasing the iGaming industry’s diversity. Submissions that work to feature more underrepresented voices will be prioritised.
  • If proposing a panel format, speakers should not be from the same company and should be qualified to speak on the subject matter.
  • Speakers added here are just suggestions and are not confirmed until approved by the iGB L!VE Content team. We reserve the right to add/remove speakers, set time slots, and amend session formats/descriptions.

Submissions will be reviewed for relevance, innovation, and originality. Submitters will be notified of acceptance decision by email by the end of May 2024.

Please note unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

Speaker Details

Session Proposal

If adding a suggested speaker only, please put ‘N/A’
Please provide 3-5 sentences describing your session idea/areas of expertise. What do you want to talk about? What makes you unique? Speaker(s) should make the case for why they/their topic is important, urgent, and helpful.
What’s in it for the audience? What are the key learnings they will get?
If you are proposing yourself as a speaker only, please select ‘Interested in Speaking’
There is a maximum of 3 speakers and 1 moderator allowed on stage for panel sessions. The iGB L!VE Content team will have final say on the speaker lineup.
Please note priority will be given to sessions that are unique, new, and have not been presented previously.

Personal Data

For internal uses only. We will never share this information


Disclaimer: Delivering a session at iGB L!VE 2024 is done on a voluntary unpaid basis. All costs associated with speakers' individual travel and housing accommodations are at their own expense.