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05 Jul 2021

HOW TO: Leverage Sports Betting Opportunities in the US and EU at iGB Live!

HOW TO: Leverage Sports Betting Opportunities in the US and EU at iGB Live!

Its easy to see why sports betting is one of iGB Live!s main verticals for creating new business. The EU online sports betting market is worth an estimated €10bn and as the US opens up more states to online betting, the jurisdiction is predicted to generate more than £14bn in 2025.

Sounds great, right? But how do you successfully capture your slice of these profitable markets without haemorrhaging spend at the same time? How do you work around the regulatory minefields to ensure sustainable growth without spending all of your time trying to keep up?

You learn.

iGB Live! has always brought together the greatest minds in igaming, from individuals and companies that have successfully entered new markets to regulators and consultants who know how to navigate complex regulation across multiple territories. Over the course of just a few days, ideas are shared, plans are actioned and invaluable partnerships are made.

What’s more, it’s completely free to attend. So if you want to develop and evolve in the US and/or EU sports betting markets, you know what to do...


What will iGB Live! do for you?

  • Connect you with experts in sports betting and regulation to help you take your next steps with confidence
  • Bring you exclusive, live and on-demand content to trigger discussions, ideas and actionable plans for your future in sports betting
  • Offer you the perfect balance of business and socialising through our unmissable networking events. Meet suppliers, affiliates and like-minded individuals to shape new partnerships in a more informal setting

Helping the sports betting industry solve some of its challenges is just one reason why iGB Live! is going to be the pinnacle 2021 event for the igaming industry to return to.

If there is one year NOT to miss out on iGB Live! it's this one.

We’ve had over 18 months to plan how we’re going to make this the biggest comeback for you. Among the many new initiatives ready to be unwrapped are:

What else is iGB Live! Offering this year?:

  • A BRAND-NEW hybrid event that allows real-time prospect tracking for everyone. Using our latest app technology, it will also offer easy access to new products and services online plus on-demand content and online community networking
  • A BRAND-NEW dedicated iGB SLOTS attraction. A live companion to our online slots offerings, our new Slots Pavillion will bring slots to life and give you access to the tools you need to produce the most profitable online slots games
  • A BRAND-NEW Esports Streamer Cube. See for yourself how you can sustainably benefit from this growing billion-dollar industry


28 September: pre-show networking day
29 September: show day 1
30 September: show day 2
01 October: post-show networking day

RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

We can't wait to greet you in Amsterdam from the 28 September, so please don’t forget to register!