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Exhibitor Notices

We want to bring your attention to some important notices. Please read these in full below.

Changes to the eZone and Exhibitor Technical Manual 

For those who are new to exhibiting and sponsoring at iGB Live 2023, welcome! For those of you who have participated in the show previously, you'll see we've made some changes to the design of our eZone. To make it simpler for you, we have separated the eZone and Exhibitor Technical Manual further to provide a clear distinction for what each portal offers. The eZone (what you are viewing now) contains all of the information that requires your attention to best prepare for a successful participation in the show - event guide entry, website profile, marketing assets, registration, travel, accommodation. The Exhibitor Technical Manual is a technical guide to our health and safety notices, site rules and regulations and stand design regulations. The Exhibitor Technical Manual should be shared with your stand contractor or any other third party you appoint to support with the design and build of your stand. 

iGB L!VE Top Tips

New to iGB L!VE? or just wondering what your next steps are for a successful show? Check out this Top Tips we have put together whether you are exhibitor or attending our show.

Helpful Chatbot

Check out our chatbot on the iGB Live! website to get fast answers and solutions on your journey to exhibiting with us, you can also speak to someone in the CS team via our live chat function for any questions you might have. Head over to our website to get your questions answered.

Special Activities Form

We have introduced a number of new forms to enable us to best support you throughout the exhibition, one of which is the Special Activities Form. We require you to fill this out if you intend on having any sort of activity on your stand (including but not limited to: DJ's, live music or dancers). To complete this form, please click here.


We would like to bring your attention to this topic due to feedback we have received from previous shows/events. Music is permitted on stands but we, the organisers, will be paying closer attention to the levels of music/noise around the exhibitions halls. This will ensure the comfort of all attendees so that everyone may hold meetings comfortably on their stands throughout the entire show. For further information on this topic please visit Music within the Show Information or find out more within the Health and Safety Pages of the Exhibitor Technical Manual. ALL DJs and music systems must be approved by Katy Leslie who will send T&Cs to exhibitors in advance. The organisers will monitor the exhibition floor for excessive noise, and if the music/sound/noise levels on your stand is deemed to be excessive, you will receive an immediate warning. If rules are continually disobeyed and two warnings are given, the power to your stand to be switched off and a fine of GBP 1,000 to be issued by the organiser to compensate your neighbours for the loss of ability to conduct business.