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Mandatory submission deadlines


ALL stand plans need to be submitted to

Submission of Complex Stand Plans - 21/05/2024 (incl stand plan design form)

Submission of Non-Complex Stand Plans - 04/06/2024 (incl stand plan design form)

If you're not sure if your design is complex or non-complex; you can view our guide here.


Download here - deadline in line with stand plan deadlines


Site Rules Form - 05/07/2024 (ASAP)


Overview of what to submit within your stand plan submission

  • All plans, calculations and documentations must be in English and should clearly state the exhibiting companies name, stand number and the contact name and company of the contractor responsible for the stand
  • Include all dimensions
  • Please make sure your client has permission from Clarion Gaming for any suspended elements. Your plans will not be approved if they include suspended elements without the appropriate permission from the Organiser.
  • Detail all building materials to be used
  • Show a ground plan and an elevation drawing
  • Any inflatable’s must be included on the plans
  • Details must prove the structural stability
  • A detailed risk and method statement
  • Insurance certificate for up to £2m
  • Fire certificates for fabric banners/ plants etc
  • Positioning of DJ booths
  • Details of special risks to include vehicle exhibitors
  • Approval for a stand from a previous show will not be accepted as proof of approval and plans must be re-submitted for every show
  • Approval must not be assumed until written approval is received from the Floor Manager, Alan Hazelhurst.
  • When written approval has been received for the original design, no alteration may be made without the approval of the Floor Manager, Alan Hazelhurst.

What makes your stand complex?

Click here to see our overview of all the elements that would deem your stand Complex. If you have any questions on this - please reach out to our Customer Success team!


EventPro specialises in providing the very best audio visual technology equipment for hire, for any purpose. Whether you need a simple PA system, or a larger scale technical production to really make an impression, we have the skills, staff and expertise to deliver and setup the latest technology solutions, on time and on budget, with the minimum of fuss for you.

EventPro are a true partner in the sense that each and every service we offer is bespoke, considered and personal. We specialise in conferences, exhibitions, exhibition seminars, awards ceremonies, product launches, hybrid streaming, software and I.T. and make it our mission to provide you with an extensive range of AV equipment and dedicated service.

Click here to see some of the various AV equipment they have to offer. You can place your order here:- 

Online Link:

Password: eu (lowercase)

For more bespoke offerings please contact:-  

Carl Wilkes | EventPro

T: +44(0) 1827 250500

Email: / 

Deadline order date: 2nd July 2024 - Any orders past this date will have a 20% surcharge 


All types of flooring are available for hire through GES. All orders can be placed online here.

Please note that all floor flats and platforms must be finished with a securely fixed metal or plastic edging trim. If you are shell scheme, please note that the interior dimensions of your stand may be slightly less than the dimensions of the stand booked. This is due to the system that is used to build shell scheme stands.

Advanced Rate Deadline:- 7th June 2024 (Normal rates/ on-site rates will be applied after this date)


Last order deadline: 1st July 2024


Any food or drink consumed on the stand MUST be purchased through the venue’s appointed catering company, The RAI venue holds the sole right to supply all food and beverages consumed on-site. They can supply a full range of food and beverages to your stand, and arrange waitress service where required. Should you wish to have any food or beverages on your stand you can order this directly on the RAI Webshop.

Please note that if any external catering is used without consent from the venue, charges will be levied directly to you. Any buyout fees applied by the RAI post event as a result of supplying your own stand catering will be passed directly on to the Exhibitor to settle directly with the RAI.

We strongly recommend you use internal catering however if you chose to source your own catering supplies, it is essential that all corkage fees are agreed upon in advance to avoid any additional fees.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact

You can order any catering at the venu by either contacting for more bespoke orderers or via the webshop link below. 

Deadline: 1st July 2024



The gangways and public areas will be cleaned and vacuumed outside exhibition open hours. After the show closes each day you must ensure you place any rubbish bags or empty boxes for disposal in the gangways next to your stand. This applies for both space only and package stands however please read the information below carefully to book additional cleaning.

Package Stands

All basic and branded AMP packages will be cleaned before your first conference day as part of your package. If you require cleaning of your stand after the first day of the conference this will need to be booked and paid by the exhibitor directly with the venue. You can book additional cleaning from the venue by contacting:



Space only

No cleaning is included in your space only stands. You can book additional cleaning from the venue by contacting:

Order Here:- RAI WEBSHOP

On Thursday 18th July it is your responsibility to ensure that all items and rubbish have been removed from your stand by 22:00. Waste must not be dumped or disposed of in the hall or any other part of the venue. Any charges incurred from items being abandoned, will be passed directly onto you.

DEADLINE: 11th July 2024

If you have any questions on the above please contact -



All electricity has to ordered via GES. Space only stands will NOT have any electrics included as part of their stand package. Order by the advanced rate deadline for best prices. 

Branded AMP Packages and Shell Scheme Packages do have electrics included in the package. You can see what is included in the your stand section of this manual. All additional electrical work on stands must be ordered through GES. 

Please be aware that the electrics included in your package is only suitable for normal domestic tools and appliances e.g. laptop and mobile chargers, kettles, plasma screens. Fridges, coffee, ice-cream and slushie machines, multiple plasma screens, appliances and lights will require additional power. If additional power is not ordered, you may lose power to your stand as it will overload the circuit.

Order Here: GES Webshop

For more information please contact

Advanced Rate Deadline: 7th June 2024

Last Order: 17th June 2024


Our confirmed official furniture supplier for iGB L!VE 2024 is Concept Furniture.

Feel free to order any furniture from them on their website


You are not allowed to bring your own forklifts into the venue due to insurance and health and safety reasons. However, the official freight forwarding company will be able to assist with unloading and loading your vehicles in the loading areas, but must be booked prior to the show. 

Please contact to book forklifts


All exhibition stands will have Wi-Fi access as part of their stand package. Log in details will be available at the show.

We have invested heavily in the complimentary Wi-Fi network included in your stand package and this should be more than sufficient for your needs e.g. software demonstrations, browsing the internet, uploading photos, checking emails etc. As a result, the use of your own wireless routers is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN as this causes interference with this network.

Any established wireless networks found to interfere with the show Wi-Fi will be switched off by the organiser’s.

If you are interested in ordering wired internet for your stand :

Order Here:- RAI WEBSHOP

Last Order Deadline:- 1st July 2024

If you have any questions on the above please contact


Logistics/ Shipping

Clarion gaming have now changed our Official Freight and Shipping partner to Kuehne+Nagel Logistics. Kuehne+Nagel will be the exclusive agent for onsite handling, including forklifting, storage, customs clearance, warehousing, and will assist exhibitors with their international freight forwarding and end-to-end logistics requirements. 

Click here to view all details for Advanced Warehouse, Customs and all Shipping details 

Key Contact: Andy Blundell

Phone: +44 (0) 7583 134102



Deadline: 8th July 2024 (5 working Days Before Arrival)


Promotional Hanging Banners

The cost to exhibitors for the opportunity: £2,300 per banner (excluding production and hanging/rigging costs). The dimensions for the banner must not exceed the stand size. The cost of the hanging banner may have been included within you stand package, you can check if this is the case by contacting your sales account manager.

It may be possible for banners and trusses to be rigged above the stands. However, please check with Katy Leslie when placing your order as there may be some height restrictions. All banners and trusses must be hung at a height of 8 meters from floor to the top of the banner. The banner needs to be printed on all sides. If a vinyl banner is being produced, please ensure it is produced in line with the venue requirements. Please note that poles must be brought with the banners and that the venue and iGB cannot supply these.  Unless otherwise agreed with Katy Leslie, all hanging banners are to be hung above a stand and are to not exceed the stand size.

EXPO TECH are the official rigging company for the iGB L!VE 2023 and will be on hand to assist you with any rigging services you require as part of your stand build – e.g. support, lighting, truss, chain hoists, etc.
To order any additional rigging please contact:

Advanced Rate Deadline: 18th June 2024

Last Order Deadline: 1st July 2024

Signage/ Graphics

We are thrilled to announce that GES has been appointed as our official signage and graphics production partner. GES has been a trusted supplier for iGB L!VE 2024, providing exceptional products and services for a considerable time. Their expertise in signage and graphics production is second to none, making them the perfect choice to elevate our branding and promotional efforts. With GES as our main supplier, you can easily access a wide range of exhibition signage solutions, tailored to our unique needs. Their ability to deliver high-quality signage for various purposes ensures that we can make a lasting impression at every event and exhibition, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. 

To order your signage and graphics needs please contact GES at

Order Here: GES Webshop

Advanced Rate Deadline: 7th June 2024

Last order Deadline: 1st July 2024


Storage will only be handled by Kuehne+Nagel. They are the official freight forwarding supplier for the show and can assist with any storage you may require. Their contact details are as follows:- 

Andy Blundell:

Unfortunately, there are no storage facilities available on-site. You are responsible for arranging storage of your literature, packing cases and boxes. All items must be stored within the confines of your stand. Please do not store anything behind your stand. Fire regulations require that any items found outside your stand be removed, as they are a fire hazards.

Water, waste, compressed air and natural gas

There are no permanent facilities for water and waste, compressed air or natural gas supplies in the hall. Exhibitors wishing to have a temporary supply on their stand will need to contact RAI Amsterdam on:

Order Here:- RAI WEBSHOP

NB: There are certain rules and regulations that govern the use of gas within exhibition halls. Please ensure you contact piped services if you plan to have gas on your stand.

For any questions on this please contact