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Josh Sparke

Josh Sparke

Director of Procurement & Business Development, LiveScore Group

With a dynamic background as a seasoned Procurement Director and Business Development Leader, Josh brings a wealth of experience and a track record of excellence in the gaming industry. Having collaborated with leading providers and operators globally, he possesses an intricate understanding of the industry's landscape and market dynamics.

Josh's diverse expertise encompasses strategic procurement, business development, and global market expansion initiatives. With a keen focus on optimising operational efficiency and driving value, he leads high-spend, global enterprise-wide Indirect sourcing projects, consistently achieving significant cost efficiencies and delivering tangible value for the organisation.

As the Director of Procurement and Business Development at Live Score Group, Josh plays a pivotal role in shaping procurement and business development strategies, fostering functional maturity across the organisation. As a respected leader, Josh is committed to driving transparency, accountability, and operational integrity, ensuring that the organisation operates with the highest standards while prioritising the well-being of players and consumers.