Kfir Biton

Co-founder, Lottoz


I'm enthusiastic about technology, challenges, people and everything that lies in between. "A group of people, with a full set of complementary skills, working towards a common goal and who are accountable for the collective performance" - A.K.A a Team, is what I believe to be by far the most important component of any successful business. As such, I'm constantly working on surrounding myself with the very best and brightest. Ever growing complexities, technology shifts, and competition in the business arenas require flat business structures, working in nimble tactical and autonomous groups. The characteristics I appreciate the most are ingenuity and determination. I have always believed that hard work beats smart brains, as once said: "Anyone whose wisdom exceeds his deeds, his wisdom will not endure." Being an entrepreneur in soul, I'm constantly looking for new challenges and to lead businesses and ventures to excellence.
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