Country regulators will not be able to transcend their own interests and need to work across borders, sponsored by Gioco News

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 10:30 to 11:30
iGB Live! Agenda - iGB Live! HQ - Counsel


  • Is the lack of cross boarder regulation leading to severely fragmented regulatory markets?
  • Is harmonisation simply a pipe dream, that is impossible?
  • What action do regulators need to take to create regulatory harmonisation?
  • what is positive effect, that this would have on consumer protection and stamping out illegal activity – and in turn with the lack of current cooperation, how is this negatively impacting consumers?

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Heathcliff Farrugia
CEO, MGA of Malta
Charles Coppolani
Chairman, Arjel
Dan Iliovici
Vice President, Rombet
Alessio Crisantemi
Director, Gioco News


Christian Tirabassi
Senior Partner, FiCom Leisure
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