Speaker Interview: Tobias Svenson

07 May 2019

Speaker Interview: Tobias Svenson

What topic will you be speaking about at iGB Live?

I will be speaking on the Social Media and Influencer marketing panel. Casinogrounds.com is mainly driven by casino streamers on social media so this is a topic I am naturally passionate about. Education the Operators on what to look for and what to avoid is key to this platforms reputation and success. 

Why is attending iGB Live important you?

iGB is one of the more relevant conferences for affiliates to attend. A platform to meet new potential partners, put a face to existing ones that you've only communicated digitally with and also meet long term partners to discuss and celebrate achievements and opportunities.

Why should over people attend?

This year I am looking forward to "The power of your brand" and "Operators and affiliates on trust". Both topics is about something I believe is extremely important and more relevant than ever.

What topics are you most keen to hear about at iGB Live?What do you predict will be the next big trend in iGaming over the next year?

I naturally believe that "Streamers" will be one of the faster growing trends as more an more Operators understanding the value of this niche if done correct. 

The innovation of the user experience for online casinos with brands trying to differentiate themselves from competition I also believe we will see a lot more on where I see unique functionality and AI as key elements. 


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