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Workshop: The psychology of iGaming players - How to use psychology and data to engage with audiences, change player behaviour and get a personalised edge

12 Jul 2023
The Pulse Theatre H9 - 01

Co-founder of Capuchin Behavioural Science, Dan Thwaites, will show you how to practically apply the psychology of entertainment. You will hear concrete, actionable insights which you can apply to get better results. In the session you will find out:

  • How do factors like different coloured lights affect player behaviour?
  • What images are we mentally programmed to respond to?
  • Why should you target extroverts differently from disagreeable people?

Don’t miss out. Be one of our VIP iGaming Execs at this strictly limited event.

You will leave with practical, actionable insights, ready to apply to your business challenges as you will learn how to scientifically: 

  • engage with your audiences
  • change player behaviour
  • combine psychology and data to get a personalised edge
Dan Thwaites, Co-Founder - Capuchin