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Winners and losers of the AI wars

13 Jul 2023
The Pulse Theatre H9 - 01

The rise of AI and the interest in it suddenly changed the marketing - the way we work, we think, our potential customers search or interact with the ads served. We are all checking how to use AI to our advantage. Is it helping us? Is it hurting us? Is it replacing us? In this session, we will speak to marketing experts from different fields to find out how visitors can:

· Best utilise the new technology to lower costs

· Streamline the work

· Increase the quality to the potential customers.

Ivana Flynn, SEO Director - ComeOn
Igor Kozyavkin, Creative Director - Pelican Partners
Samira Van Diepen, CEO & Founder - Content Lab
Dagmar Janssen, SEO Director -
Vadim Aidlin, CEO - Mamuta Media