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iGB Live! is bringing digital slots alive this summer with our NEW for 2022 iGB SLOTS feature. This is where you position your business ahead of the curve in innovation.

The demographic and demand for slots is changing, so it’s time to refresh how we approach slots provision and promotion. 

What you can expect from iGB SLOTS

  • Dedicated feature area driving the latest innovation and business development opportunities in the slots vertical
  • Dedicate networking areas around the feature to streamline your business deals.
  • Multiple industry professionals talking about their experiences within the slots, including slots streaming, integrity and how to access this new business.

Looking to innovate your igaming experience for greater player acquisition? We want to facillitate your growth into this new igaming vertical by providing you a dedicated space to network. Find out below how this benefits you and your sector of igaming.


Want to know more about how this vertical can benefit your igaming business? Keep scrolling for more information.



If you mention slot machines to a millennial or a Gen-Z, its highly likely their eyes will glaze over with a mist of apathy, and it's an issue that casino & games operators can no longer ignore. However, innovation is happening behind the scenes, bringing multi-player functionality, competitions and elements of social and skill-based features to games, meaning a whole new sub-category of slots are up for grabs in the igaming industry.

RNG-based games, of which slots are the dominant component, accounted for $18.8bn or 71% of projected online casino revenues in 2021, according to iGB’s principal data partner H2 Gambling Capital. The data consultancy estimates that global gross win from RNG games will grow by 101% over the next five years to reach $37.1bn by 2026, at a CAGR of 14.9%. 


Innovation at iGB Live!

If you want to stand on top of the competition for successful online slots products, iGB Live! is building a dedicated area to doing just that. Accelerate your igaming business into this new vertical for expansive growth, connect with igaming slots businesses, and convert networking to player traffic.


Affiliate Managers

Are you looking to drive new traffic from this vertical and expand your reach to new igaming audiences?  

  • Streamlined networking with affiliates who are driving serious traffic from slots games 

  • Reach new digital audiences from affiliates utilising live streaming services to generate greater player acquisition and retention 

  • Diversify your igaming portfolio by expanding into this new vertical by networking with affiliates dedicated to driving traffic from this igaming sector. 


If growth in igaming is your game - then slots provides you the chance to expand into this growing vertical in igaming: 

  • Network with suppliers who provide the latest in slots games which translate to greater player acquisition and retention 

  • Invest in new games to reach an untapped market of players sustainably and at low cost to YOU 

  • Expand further growth in markets such as North America by cross-Atlantic acquisition from investing in igaming innovation from leading solutions providers. 


Do you have slots or game technology that you want to put in front of the right people? With operators from all over the globe - all in one room at the same time? 

  • Liaise and network with operators that are looking to advance their games with YOUR solution 

  • Showcase your latest solution to the igaming market and pitch it to the right people who want to work with YOU 

  • Build relationships with operators who are looking to stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements and solutions providers. 



Want to put your brand in front of an audience keen to learn and grow within the slots vertical and gain unparalleled ROI over three days? 

Get in touch with one of our Business Development team!