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iGB Live! Speedrunning Tournament

igb esports

Super Mario 64 Speedrunning

A new and exciting activation designed to connect you with esports streamers and find out about the critical role they play in both the affiliate and core esports betting industry.

NEW FOR 2022: This year we're launching a new betting-centric set of esports tournaments at iGB Live! We're going to host an invite-only sneak peek at our new tournament series dubbed 'Dota 2 Global All-Stars'.

Get creative at our hosted cocktail masterclass for your chance to win a prize for the most original drink at the iGB Live! Esports feature on July 6th at 4pm. This is limited to only 25 people, please email your interest to Adam Isaacs:


  • Massive tournament area for head-to-head speedrunning featuring Dwhatever and Benji
  • LIVE non-monetary betting for all attendees of iGB Live! Get the chance to win a brand new Nintendo Switch by taking part in the esportsbook on-site. 
  • Winner chooses a charity for £1000 donation 
  • LIVE commentating by shoutcaster BowieTheHero so you don't miss a beat of the action 
  • Streamed online so you can watch on the go
  • Game zone available for attendees to practice live their own skills 
  • Find new partnerships and grow in esports
  • See the excitement of esports as a new innovation in igaming and expand into new verticals and niches
  • Expected 10K in online viewership globally 

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If you're looking for:

  • Awareness and understanding of who is the esport viewer

  • Understanding around which parts of the esport ecosystem relates to the betting market

  • Knowledge of how to market to the esport fan

  • Knowledge around the commercial weight of esports streamers acting as betting affiliates for esport betting.


CONVERGE at iGB Live! 2022


What is Speedrunning?

Speedrunning is characterised by completing a console game within an exceptionally quick time.

Globally, players compete to see who can complete a given game with the quickest time possible. This has developed into an online community which is only increasing in popularity. iGB Live! is proud to host a live speedrunning tournament with a veiw to expaning igaming business' verticals into new niches for increased igaming reach and enterprise innovation.

What do they do on stream?

  1. Play games against opponents online using publisher match making software
  2. They answer questions from the chat
  3. They talk to team mates whilst playing
  4. They encourage people to follow and subscribe for extended content access and advert free watching.
  5. Shout casters broadcast ongoing esport tournaments and offer a pundit service.
  6. Twitch streamers can set up prediction bets on upcoming matches using virtual accumulated reward points.

Why are esport streamers an important group for the betting market?

Streamers are influencers. They have regular content directed towards the esport fan base and therefore many prospective esports bettors. Esport streamers have proven to act as a persuasive group of affiliates for esport bookmarkers. They connect with fans on many communication methods and frequently throughout the year. Historically for the betting market, a very hard to reach demographic when using traditional sport betting marketing approaches.

Can the betting industry operate on streaming platforms or streamer channels?

Streaming sites do not allow advertising revenue from betting companies. However, a streamer operating his/her own channel has a higher level of autonomy. The level of autonomy changes across streaming platforms. Twitch TV (70% market share of computer gaming streaming content) do not censor streamer sponsorship. Twitch recently have enabled viewers the feature to predict virtual points on the matches they are viewing. These virtual points are known as ‘cute points’. Cute points are accrued whilst watching a stream for 5 minutes and/or participate in actions which encourage streamer viewership growth such as gift subs.

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