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Industry leader High Affiliates to attend the iGB Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam

Industry leader High Affiliates to attend the iGB Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam
Industry leader High Affiliates to attend the iGB Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam

The next exciting iGB Affiliate Conference is just around the corner. This jam-packed iGaming conference will bring together an eager audience. Attendees will find pioneers, and experts to network with and they’ll also be learning and driving the industry’s future success.

This year, the beautiful Dutch city of Amsterdam will be playing host to a variety of experts from all over the world.

With this welcoming attitude from the city, event-goers can look forward to a well-organised conference.

Gain expert industry knowledge

The iGB Affiliate Conference offers a safe space for attendees to gain insight into growing their business. Additionally, the conference aims at facilitating growth among members. The point is to help members maintain their business success. Experts will also discuss other important topics impacting the future of iGaming.

This four-day event promises to be even larger and more feature-packed than what we saw in previous years.

It’s the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with leaders and industry experts. At the conference, you will gain valuable industry insight from affiliate leaders, insight such as ways to help boost your affiliate business and ensure its future success.

High Affiliates to attend the iGB conference

One of those proud industry leaders that will be attending the iGB Affiliate Conference is High Affiliates.

This news comes as no surprise since High Affiliates is one of the fastest-growing affiliate platforms in Europe. They offer their members high commissions, fast payments and even a dedicated Affiliate Manager. This dedicated Affiliate Manager helps with managing the business side of things.

High Affiliates is also praised for their programme that features no negative carryover. Each month, the no-negative carryover policy wipes any negative earnings clean.

Affiliates know that accurate reporting is a driving factor in their success, so High Affiliates have been using the reliable NetRefer software package. This fantastic software provides affiliates access to cutting edge reporting and marketing tools. NetRefer has everything that an affiliate would need to manage campaigns. You can also manage player retention while keeping a record of your earnings.

High Affiliates has an ever-growing list of affiliated brands. Add to that their signature support, and there’s no doubt why they’re so popular.

As a result, High Affiliates is sure to be making an impact this year at the iGB Affiliate Conference. This conference is your opportunity to meet with them face-to-face. You can ask them all your burning questions.

The time to register is running out

There isn’t much time left to register for the iGB Affiliate Conference. Registration is free, but we still urge you to register ahead of time to secure your place.

This year, the iGB Affiliate Conference organisers are redoing content delivery. Affiliates shouldn't miss out on critical, industry-related information. This information will help them take their affiliate business to the next level.

This exciting event will be happening from the 28th of September until the 1st of October 2021.