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04 Jul 2022

ICS-digital Launches World Cup 22 Service Packages at IGB Live! – Integrating SEO, Content, Localisation and PR

ICS-digital has launched a far-reaching set of integrated digital marketing, content and SEO services, focused the massive acquisition opportunities of the 2022 World Cup.

ICS-digital, along with sister agency ICS-translate, is well-established as an international marketing agency working with major operators and affiliates.

The launch as a distinct brand is intended to open up new opportunities for growth, and to enable betting brands to experience a spread of interconnected services across 100 languages to drive results forward.

Marketing director Martin Calvert said: “It’s the right time to launch truly integrated SEO, content, localisation and PR services – and as an exhibitor, IGB Live! Is the perfect venue for it.

“Our goal is to provide something that has been missing – World Cup-focused service packages that are designed specifically to help brands attract, engage and convert customers on the international stage.”  

Drawing on hundreds of native-language linguists and content producers, the agency aims to provide packages of services that allow brands to get more value from their existing marketing strategies.  

Martin Calvert continues: “ICS-digital has always been an agency that worked at scale in international markets but we haven’t always emphasised the power of integrating our services around specific milestones in the sporting calendar.

“We’re changing that now with the launch of cost-effective, tiered services that will enable affiliates and operators to simplify their plans for World Cup 2022 and push marketing forward with real purpose and practical value-  at a time when quality at scale really could not matter more.”  

In 2022 ICS-digital occupied  position 10 in the Prolific North Top 50 Digital Agencies.