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24 Jun 2022

Hero Gaming fights fraud, cuts verification times & grows customer numbers 20% thanks to strategic Shufti Pro partnership

Hero Gaming fights fraud, cuts verification times & grows customer numbers 20% thanks to strategic Shufti Pro partnership


Shufti Pro’s tailored authentication technology verifies legitimate users in real-time & blocks fraudulent accounts, politically exposed people (PEPs) & underaged users

London, UK – June 24 2022 - UK based Shufti Pro, a leader in identity verification, today formally announces its partnership with Hero Gaming. 

The collaboration has seen Shufti Pro develop a bespoke authentication solution to significantly reduce legitimate customer verification times. As well as block bad actors such as fraudsters and politically exposed people (PEPs) from accessing the Hero Gaming platform.

A leading gaming company, Hero Gaming supports B2B partners in Asia, Latin America, India and the wider world via its platform. It has to navigate complex regulations and laws across these regions to ensure fraudulent and under age users are unable to access its platform. At the same time it needs to ensure that legitimate customers have the best onboarding experience possible.

Prior to implementing Shufti Pro, Hero Gaming relied on manual verification to authorise new users. This led to a stagnation in customer growth as potential customers dropped off during the verification process.

Shufti Pro, which supports over 150 languages and 230 countries and regions, alleviated this problem through its use of enhanced artificial intelligence (AI). A solution that enables customers to run near instant verification, that achieves the highest level of accuracy possible. 

Since implementing Shufti Pro, Hero Gaming has seen the time taken to authenticate legitimate customers drop from days to seconds. As a result the business has enjoyed a 20% increase in retained customers.

As users look for a more diverse range of options to prove their identity - such as selfies, screenshots and utility documents - Hero Gaming also turned to Shufti Pro for support in developing a tailored solution that would enable these wide-ranging forms of authentication. Hero Gaming provided regular feedback and suggestions which Shufti Pro was able to take onboard to further improve the product.

Users can now safely join the Hero Gaming platform via a variety of methods. Pre-existing customers are also able to upload supporting documents via a drop down menu in-game should they have queries or questions. With Shufti Pro’s enhanced AI in place, Hero Gaming has seen a significant reduction in the number of manual Know Your Customer (KYC) contacts required, significantly improving the end user experience.

Kristino Vella, Head of Risk, Payments and Fraud at Hero Gaming, said: “When potential customers informed us that our lengthy verification processes were hindering their due diligence verification, we knew we needed to make changes. Shufti Pro had a reputation as a leading authentication expert that would be able to streamline our processes, while enhancing our risk detection.

“Through partnering with the team at Shufti Pro we’ve been able to grow our customer numbers by 20%. At the same time we’re able to streamline their experience while on our platform and stop under-aged users and potentially fraudulent users from accessing our services. It’s a win win.”

Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro, said: “Verifying the legitimacy of potential customers is critically important, especially in highly regulated sectors such as gaming. But it can also prove challenging. Historically businesses have had to manually authenticate each individual user, however this took considerable time and resources. 

“At Shufti Pro we use enhanced artificial intelligence to take the pain out of onboarding. We’re delighted to be working with Hero Gaming, helping them to significantly cut down the time it takes to process authentic customers, while blocking illicit activity such as potential fraudsters and criminals.”



About Shufti Pro
Shufti Pro is an identity verification service provider offering KYC, KYB, and AML services to help global businesses onboard legitimate customers. The UK-based company has 5 regional offices and launched 17 different IDV products since its inception in 2017. With the ability to verify 1000’s of ID documents in 150+ languages, Shufti Pro is serving customers in 230+ countries and territories.

About Hero Gaming
Hero Gaming was founded in 2013 by Georg Westin, who was at the forefront of offering gamified casinos – a unique experience which players had not previously seen. Casino Heroes was launched in 2014 with an initial focus on Scandinavian countries.

Throughout the past few years, our multi-brand strategy grew to include the launch of a number of new brands to our ever-growing portfolio, aimed at providing the best experience for our players. The speed at which these brands went to market is a reflection of the passion for innovation and agility which in turn enabled us to reap great benefits for the business and for our Heroes. We’re now thrilled to embark on our next adventure where we’re daring to dream to take Hero Gaming to a global level.

The humble and truly passionate team behind our brands do not only come up with new and creative ideas, but also have a great track record in executing projects with agility. Thanks to our great team, Hero Gaming has become one of the industry’s most reputable companies.