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10 Jul 2019

Breaking Records in iGaming and Beyond

Gluck Games and iGB Live join up to make history – and want you to join them!

Together, we plan to be the largest group simultaneously scratching scratch cards – a chance to show your iGaming dedication and be able to proudly tell your friends and family that you were a Guinness World Record maker!

The attempt will be held on Day 1 – 17 July 2019 at 3pm – just by the Exhibition hall

We’ll be handing out scratch cards and marshalling everyone for the attempt for 30 minutes before the drop-dead moment where we scratch the cards and count the numbers. There will be an official judge from Guinness World Records to say there and then whether we have made it or not - Gluck are all about Instant Wins, after all.

And because everyone deserves a little bit of Gluck, it’s not just enough to feel the pride of being a record breaker… no – those scratch cards we give you will have real cash prizes some lucky people will enjoy iGB with an extra €450 in their pockets. Sure - life and world records are never about the money - but it doesn’t hurt ;-)

Known for their innovative games and iconoclastic approach to promotions, Gluck Gamevy are all about play and changing the game – whether they’re building scratchcards or promotions at events.

Join us in Amsterdam!