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Scaling Up and Scaling Out: Geographic Expansion, Lead Gen, and Other Avenues for Growth

18 Jul 2024
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The world of affiliate marketing is constantly evolving, and staying ahead is essential for success, whether you’re starting a new affiliate business or looking to optimise your existing strategy. With those in iGaming seeking more financial stability, yet also facing major challenges, not least increasing competition, and changing dynamics between operators, how can you boost revenue, and where will it come from?

• Niche or Nimble: Double down on existing markets, or hedge your bets globally? 
• High-Converting Funnels: The traffic generation secrets needed to win big. 
• Perfect Partners: How to build long-term relationships for sustained growth.

Isabel Hale, Director of Sales - Europe, Growth and Esports - Better Collective
Claus Jansson, Director International Expansion - Estrela Bet
Shmulik Segal, CEO and Co-Founder - MediaTroopers
Vasilii Gamov, CMO - 888STARZ