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High Stakes, High Security: Navigating iGaming Cyber Threats in the Aftermath

17 Jul 2024
The Pulse Theatre H9 - 01
With cyber-attacks costing on average '3.6m, operators are suffering both financial and reputational damage as upward trajectory, valuable data, and grey market exposure draws criminals. Taking a case study approach, a leading iGaming security expert will talk honestly about where they've gone wrong, the signs they've seen too late, and the strategies needed to secure yourself in the immediate aftermath of a breach. ' 20/20 Hindsight: Learning from past mistakes by examining real-world data to recognize the warning signs of DDoS and Social Engineering. ' Post-Breach Protocols: Developing a robust set of countermeasures to mitigate damage. ' Fortifying the Frontline: Emphasising the deployment of proactive defence mechanisms moving forward.