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Not Just Brazil: The Essentials for Targeting Links in LatAm and Spain

18 Jul 2024
The Pulse Theatre H9 - 01
If you ever find yourself asking 'What's my LatAm Strategy?' or 'Why can't we just do what worked in Spain?' stop now! That killer idea that raked in Argentinean links is most likely going to fizzle out when you try to pitch in Mexico. This session will help you tailor your SEO and PR strategies to get beyond the surface in key markets, ensuring not only that you cross geographical boundaries, but also remain creative and effective while doing so. ' Avoiding Stereotypes: How to ideate content for different Spanish-speaking markets, considering ALL the nuances. ' Keyword Chameleon: Beyond translation, how region-specific jargon drives traffic results. ' Link Like a Local: The industry playbook for successfully pitching media outlets in LatAm and Spain.