2021 Guidelines

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2021 Guidelines for iGB Live! & iGB Affiliate Amsterdam

COVID-19 Measures

This page is up to date as of Wednesday 15 September 2021

Visiting the Netherlands from abroad - Checklist Entry >>

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR FULLY-VACCINATED TRAVELLERS: The rules on self-quarantining for people travelling to the Netherlands will change as of 22 September. Travellers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and other very high-risk areas no longer have to self-quarantine or present an exemption letter upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Prepare your journey well. Before you leave, see if you are in a very high risk area, then check the travel advice for your trip and answer the 4 questions related to where you are travelling from to receive travel advice for your country via the CHECK MY TRIP button bellow.



  1. Please still follow the travel advice via the CHECK MY TRIP button as it has EVERYTHING you need except for points 3 and 4 below.
  2. You can only travel to the Netherlands if you have a negative test result (a NAAT(PCR) test max 48h before departure, or a rapid antigen test max 24h before departure).
  3. IMPORTANT: when you fill in your QUARANTINE DECLARATION FORM, please tick the box that indicates that you fall into an exemption category. 
  4. IMPORTANT: You fall under the 'impact to business economy' exemption category, so you will need to have your EBADGE, Confirmation Email (proof of registration) or Exhibitor Contract to prove your exemption.


Read Article on Latest Announcement from Dutch Government

... You can thank us later! Please read other important information below.


You must be registered to attend iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate Amsterdam >>. 

Can I get into iGB Live! if I’m not fully vaccinated?

Absolutely. Testing is totally FREE onsite at the RAI – arrive onsite, take a test, and in 15 minutes you will be free to go into the events providing your test result is negative.

To help keep everyone safe, we will be asking everyone to present EITHER a EU Digital COVID Certificate, also known in the Netherlands as CoronaCheck, OR a paper version, OR use your country's official version of digital/paper proof of vaccination to gain access to iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate Amsterdam. This allows those fully vaccinated in the EU to produce a COVID certificate for their vaccination. Those who have not been fully vaccinated in the EU can also use CoronaCheck by having a test locally and having their negative result uploaded to the app.  

Will it be possible to register on-site?

It will not be possible to register on-site so we can ensure entry to the show is as quick as possible. Please ensure you are registered before you arrive at the RAI  Amsterdam!

Further information will be shared with you once you have registered. 

This website is being continuously updated so we recommend you check it at regular intervals. 

Where can I get a test before leaving the Netherlands? Is it free? 

TESTING TO TRAVEL IS ALSO FREE! We will have free on-site testing facilities in the vicinity of the RAI Amsterdam for the duration of the show.

Testing can be achieved via a facility kindly provided by the Dutch Government. 

  • You can book through: https://afspraak.testenvoorjereis.nl/evenement/type
  • The website is available in English (click ‘translate’)
  • When it asks where you want to test, click ‘RAI’ and it will come up with that option
  • Testing is FREE OF CHARGE if you use the above site

You can pay for a test in numerous other locations – for example, the official iGB Live! hotel is the nhow hotel and you can arrange tests via the hotel.

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