We talk African and Mozambique gaming with Felix Mukaxe

We talk African and Mozambique gaming with Felix Mukaxe image

Africa has peaked the interest of many recently. But how much do you really know? We spoke with Felix Mukaxe of the Mozambique Gaming Board ahead of his HQ session to find out more. 

Felix Mukaxe is the Gaming Inspector at the Mozambique Gambling Board. Felix will be one of our experts in the iGB Live! HQ Hive session "African Markets Wine Tasting". He brings a huge amount of experience and a wealth of knowledge to iGB Live having been with the Mozambique Gambling board for over 21 years. Felix has been involved with drafting Mozambique gambling legislation since 1996. 

iGB Live!: Why is your session important for delegates?

Felix Mukaxe (FM):  Mozambique offers good opportunities for new entrants in gaming industry, namely, taxes and levy’s exemptions, low operating taxes, long term licenses, online gambling, mobile betting and payment and young and growing market to explore.

iGB Live: How is your topic relevant to our industry?

FM: My topic is relevant because it aims to raise awareness on the African markets, as well as the need of regulating some specific aspects in African young markets.

iGB Live!: What is the one thing you hope delegates get out of your session?

FM: More interest in discovering Mozambique.

iGB Live!: Why choose iGB Live! as the event to share your findings?

FM: It is the right forum to talk to the entire world in one voice.

iGB Live: How do you plan on maximising your time at the event?

FM: Interacting with regulators, operators and service providers.