Treat your clients to the best restaurants in the Dam

Treat your clients to the best restaurants in the Dam image

Amsterdam is packed full of wonderful bars and extraordinary restaurants. One of the toughest decisions you'll make at iGB Live! is where to take your clients out, we give you our top recommendations. 

As we have been in Amsterdam for over 6 years now we have started to learn where is great to take your clients and where is not so great.

With such a foodie background and a real diverse choice of cuisine, Amsterdam can be a real minefield for someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

Luckily, we've met a fair few locals over the years who have tipped us off about their favourite eateries and restaurants in the city.

So, when your thinking about where is best to take your clients out for dinner, make sure you come back and check our list.


A new kid on the block. Troost cleverly picked up on the ongoing Dutch trend of home-distilled and special flavoured beers. They have a nice terrace which is a great place to end the day when the sun is out but when the weather’s less forgiving, the interior is wonderful too. Troost serves several types of beer from Lagers to Weizen and I.P.A. to the traditional Dutch Bok beer. When you’re hungry, they have a terrific menu that features many different types of burgers as well as classics like a Caesar Salad.


A wonderful, slightly decadent fish restaurant the serves only the best the sea has to offer. Whether you want to go raw and feast on their elaborate selection of Oysters or you’d rather go for an original spin on the traditional fish & chips, the Seafood Bar never fails to impress. Obviously, lobster is an option too.


An old favourite that doesn’t only look spectacular, but has an amazing atmosphere that somehow, always makes you feel like you’re in a Michelin-rated restaurant. Their menu is a clever mix of French and Italian classics and well, who doesn’t love that? George is especially nice for breakfast or lunch since they serve a mean eggs benedict, an easy win.


C, as in Celsius. This cool looking bar/restaurant is an initiative of Michiel van der Eerde who now judges the Dutch version of Masterchef. C is all about temperatures and every dish is categorized by temperature and cooking method. 0-20 degrees Celsius - raw and cold, 40-80 degrees Celsius - low temperature, 100 degrees Celsius - steam and cook and 200 degrees - grill, plancha and tempura. C doesn’t only serve great food. If you’re looking for a mean cocktail, look no further, C has an impressive collection of exclusive spirits served by talented bartenders: a recipe for success.


Restaurant Plantage is located in the former “Ledenlokalen” of Amsterdam’s city zoo “Artis”. This gorgeous conservatory has high ceilings, huge windows and a great deal of tropical plants, giving it the feel of a vintage Victorian greenhouse. The food is a mix of several cuisines including French, Italian and you can even discover a touch of Spain in the dessert section, as they serve Churros! With chocolate sauce!


This beautiful fine dining restaurant was inspired by the modern day Parisian Bistro. They change their menu weekly, so even if you’re a regular, they will never serve you the same plate twice. K&K is a little on the expensive side, but critics argue it’s definitely worth the money. The restaurant is relatively small and it’s clear the owners value service as they give every guest the tender loving care he or she deserves.