Speaker Interview - Cindy Krum

Speaker Interview - Cindy Krum image

We discuss all things mobile-first with Cindy Krum ahead of her session "Sports and gaming in a mobile-first and entity first World" taking place on Thursday 19th July at 15:30.

Cindy Krum is the Chief Executive Officer of MobileMoxie, LLC (Previously Rank-Mobile LLC). She brings fresh and creative ideas to her clients, speaking at national and international trade events about mobile web marketing, social network marketing and international SEO.

Cindy also writes for industry publications, and has been published in Website Magazine, Advertising & Marketing Review, Search Engine Land, ODG Intelligence, and quoted by many respected publications including PC World, Internet Retailer, TechWorld, Direct Magazine and Search Marketing Standard.

iGB Live!: Why is your session important for delegates?

Cindy Krum (CK): Maximizing the mobile SEO value that your brand provides players and competitors is what will separate winners from losers in terms of web traffic, brand appeal and retention. Google’s focus on voice search and their switch to Mobile-First Indexing has changed everything. Learn how this is impacting online gaming, what to expect and how to prepare for SEO in a Mobile-First, voice-first world. 

iGB Live!: How is your topic relevant to our industry?

CK: The mobile device is how people play, but also how they check-in with their favourite tournaments, games, stats and results – But PWAs, Native Apps and Mobile-First Indexing are changing the rules. Physical location will soon begin to play an even bigger role in mobile SEO and this will have a huge impact on the Gaming space around the world -Understanding mobile SEO could be a critical competitive advantage for some! 

iGB Live!: What is the one thing you hope delegates get out of your session?

CK: My goal is to make sure delegates understand that there is much more to Mobile-First Indexing than what Google is saying. It is about voice search, PWAs, AMP, Google Actions, Schema, Entities and Knowledge Graph. They also need to understand that current SEO tools are not reporting correctly on mobile SEO rankings – so they need good strategies for verifying their mobile rankings with location-specific data included. 

iGB Live!: Why choose iGB Live! as the event to share your findings?

CK: I am always trying to approach my job in new innovative ways, and I am energized by being around other people who are like that. I am eager to share what I have seen and learned with all of Google’s recent changes, but also eager to hear what others have found in their own experiences.

iGB Live: How do you plan on maximising your time at the event?

CK: I love spending my time with the smartest people in an industry, and this is the event that will let me do that. I want to be around people who are always testing, learning and pushing boundaries, and not stuck, clinging to the past success.