Get your teeth into eSports with Yury Kolesnik of PVP.ME

Get your teeth into eSports with Yury Kolesnik of PVP.ME image

When it comes to eSports, Yury Kolesnik is king. His company, PVP.ME is a betting exchange focused on competitive video games. We caught up with Yury ahead of his Counsel session at iGB Live! HQ.

Yury is an entrepreneur and executive with experience in managing and launching commercial and financial b2c products and services. He has a degree in applied mathematics and international management and business. He is a founder of PVP.ME - a betting exchange focused on competitive video games.

As a passionate gamer and huge fan of Esports, Yury wants to make watching it even more entertaining and exciting. His current scope of interests includes Video Games and iGaming and Blockchain solutions for these sectors.

iGB Live!: Why is your session important for delegates?

Yury Kolesnik (YK): The millennials are a new audience for the gaming industry. They have completely different tastes and behaviour patterns, while Esports became their type of sport. It is important to understand what challenges and opportunities the growth of Esports scene provides and we will try to cover these topics during the session. 

iGB Live: How is your topic relevant to our industry?

YK: As Esports audience grows and becomes more mature it will displace the traditional sports enthusiasts. The question is to what extent. It is very important to understand and be ready for the changes millennials bring to the gaming industry.

iGB Live!: What is the one thing you hope delegates get out of your session?

YK: I strongly believe that with the current pace of growth, in the future Esports will become dominant as a spectator’s sport. And as an entertaining spectating experience shared both by Esport fans and casual viewers, Esports provides a huge opportunity for the industry. Those he will be able to adapt first will be the most successful. 

iGB Live!: Why choose iGB Live! as the event to share your findings?

YK: I enjoyed previous events that I attended like EiG and think that iGB Live is a good place to look for new opinions as well as an amazing networking opportunity. 

iGB Live: How do you plan on maximising your time at the event?

YK: I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues from the industry as well as learning new things from the sessions on the event.