Get your head around European regulation with Tatjana Klaeser

Get your head around European regulation with Tatjana Klaeser image

European Regulation is a minefield that Klaeser Avocat's Tatjana Klaeser knows how to navigate. We catch up with her ahead of her IMGL Masterclass session to find out what's on the Euro horizon.

Tatjana Klaeser is a Member of the Brussels Bar Association and founder of the Law firm Klaeser Avocat, competent for the French and Belgian market. Tatjana has a broad experience in different areas of IP and IT law, especially in the gambling sector advising both land-based and online operators in matters ranging from licensing to the development of tailor-made strategies for local markets.

She contributes to scientific research and publications within the area of gaming law, fair trade practices, intellectual property and information technologies and is often interviewed as an expert in these fields. Tatjana is further involved on an academic level where she has accepted a teaching position within the Sports Law Master course at the Aix-Marseille University.

We caught up with Tatjana ahead of her IMGL Masterclass session "Legal developments in Europe update" taking place on Wednesday, July 18th at 10am 

iGB Live!: Why is your session important for delegates?

Tatjana Klaeser (TK):  Hear about the latest developments in European law regarding the Payment Services Directive, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), AML. The panellists will also discuss what impact the European Commission’s decision to withdraw the infringement cases has on regulation of the gambling market in Europe.

iGB Live: How is your topic relevant to our industry?

TK: Even when companies are in line from a gaming regulation perspective, exposure may emerge from other segments of industry not under direct control of gaming operators, yet crucial to operating their website. Compliance is at the crossroads of all these industry segments. A good understanding of the requirements deriving from a fragmented regulatory environment will safeguard the continuity of operations over time.  

iGB Live!: What is the one thing you hope delegates get out of your session?

TK: The aim of the session is for delegates to take something back home with them that they could not have found through research or analysis but that derives from the unique experience and know how shared by the panellists.

iGB Live!: Why choose iGB Live! as the event to share your findings?

TK: Through its size, the IGB conference offers the feeling of an “inner circle”, the idea of privileged exchanges with more dedicated attendants.

iGB Live: How do you plan on maximising your time at the event?

TK: Through networking, attendance of other panels and meetings with other stakeholders.