Raian Ali

Associate Professor / ESOTICS Group Leader, Bournemouth University, UK


Dr. Raian Ali is an Associate Professor in Computing in the Department of Computing and Informatics, Bournemouth University, UK. His research is focused on providing engineering principles and systematic approaches for building software and technologies that are socially accountable and sensitive to their organizational, social and ethical context. Raian worked on several national and European projects in Italy, Ireland and UK. He was awarded an FP7 Marie Curie CIG grant (SOCIAD project 2013-2017) and currently coordinating the EROGamb project funded by GambleAware. He has founded and is coordinating the Engineering and Social Informatics Research Group (SEOTICS) at Bournemouth University. He served in the program committee of over 80 international conferences and organized several events and special issues in relation to his research theme in influential venues and journals. Raian advocates a policy change in which future digital media, including gambling, increase their transparency and provide customers with their online behaviour data to utilize for making their usage more informed and conscious.
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