The Hive

What is The Hive?

THE HIVE is one of four immersive learning environments within the iGB Live HQ paid conference area of iGB Live! 2018.

Stimulate your senses and spend time learning alongside some of the most significant people in your industry. The Hive is all about immersing yourself in new experiences to help you learn.

Enjoy some alcohol tasting while you discuss important regulatory changes. Try the world's best coffee, cheese or chocolate while chatting about the potential of VR. Or immerse yourself in classical music as you explore the potential of the Latam markets. In The Hive your experience is as important as what you learn.

You will immerse yourself amongst the most knowledgeable people in your sector when you attend The Hive. Once you're in, you can network and debate the best ways to conquer the African market, plan how to adapt to major changes in European regulation or just discuss the next big thing on the igaming horizon.

Join The Hive at iGB Live HQ for an amazing experience to go alongside your learning. 

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