What is Counsel?

COUNSEL is one of four immersive learning environments within the iGB Live HQ paid conference area of iGB Live! 2018. The Counsel invites you to the floor to participate in our next igaming debate. Take your stance by moving around the room in this enthralling interactive experience.

There are some big questions with big opinions in igaming right now, what better way to see the industry's stance by letting them stand with what they believe. 

Our professional debate team, from Cambridge Union, will guide you through a series of debates. With wildly varying opinions and divergent interests, the Counsel will throw up some incredible industry insights.

In the Counsel we want to unlock the answers, however challenging and controversial they may be.


2018 debate topics include


Gambling will never attract positive media, we can’t change media perception

Affiliate marketing will disappear by 2020

Operators are mastering responsible gambling, they deserve more credit for it

eSports will exceed football in fan base, it’s time to take it seriously

We need to re-define the term ‘gambling’ from a regulatory point of view to be as social as it is scientific

The industry needs to work around regulators, rather than the other way around

Bonuses are still the most effective marketing tool in iGaming

Blockchain will not revolutionise the iGaming market

2018 Counsel speakers